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◦ creating happier, healthier communities ◦ creating happier, healthier communities ◦ creating happier, healthier communities ◦ creating happier, healthier communities ◦

Tiny Footprint Homes builds custom-designed tiny homes in Vanastra, Ontario. 

Manufacturing sustainable homes at a more affordable cost than traditional housing, we give our clients the ability to customize every detail. 

*All of our builds adhere to the Ontario Building Code*

Ready to go


Every client comes with a list of wants and needs, and we work to incorporate them all while enhancing their vision through strategic design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our Featured Model

The Bachelor

Designed by: The Hive Design Co
Contains: One Bedroom Loft, One Bathroom
Style: Open Concept
Size: 258 sq.ft Main + 145 sq.ft Loft

Upcoming Events

Tiny Home Show

Tiny Footprint Homes is excited to be appearing for the second year at the Tiny Home Show in Ancaster, ON – July 28-30, 2023.

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Tiny Footprint Homes began as a dream to help a local community plagued by homelessness and unprecedented housing prices. Josh Batkin and Paul Arts started building tiny homes to add an alternative to the traditional real estate market. However, somewhere along the way, they realized they were part of a much larger movement – trying to provide solutions for some of the world’s current economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Together at TFH, we believe in making happier and healthier communities. Offering opportunities of living simply, by using less and doing more. With a shift away from materialism, you can downsize your space, without downgrading your lifestyle.

Located in Huron County, TFH is focused on sourcing local, sustainable products and materials whenever possible, keeping longevity and durability in mind. High-quality craftsmanship with attention to detail down to every last inch is the standard.

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